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We are a studio of strategic planning and implementation driven by shopper insights. We believe that in-store strategies and tactics must be driven by insights obtained through a deeper look into the shopper: what does the shopper value? What motivates the shopper?

Based on acquired knowledge of the Shopper Journey and on the mapping of the shopper’s value chain, we build plans which add greater satisfaction and interaction with products, increasing sales conversion. We map opportunities and structure processes, as well as plan, create, train and implement actions which will generate better results for all parts - industry, shoppers and retailers - using a joint value creation approach.

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Shoppermkt Group was founded in 2009 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Bia Cavalcante, who designed a methodology which - by merging academic and practical concepts – places shopper path to purchase knowledge as a fundamental guideline to influence business strategy.

Since then, the shoppermkt team has successfully completed multiple projects in partnership with its various industry leading clients, developing personalized solutions based on needs and opportunities mapped.

Constantly looking forward, our team always strives to be up-to-date, by participating in international conferences, analyzing various cases and publications, anticipating trends, and enhancing our methods. Our group has grown consistently, gaining a solid structure and knowledge so as to deliver excellence in our service.

In 2013 we opened a new branch focused on activations and implementations, the Shoppermkt In Action, directed by Cesar Chamie, bringing aboard 20 years of experience in promotional marketing.

Customer Insight Innovation Center: Creation of retail spaces, with design and planograms definition of the various in-store formats.

Methodology and clustering system to drive in-store activities - including 65.000 drugstores.

Training program for more than 500 people throughout Latin America. Project winner of the James & Burke Award 2012

Diagnosing, Shopper process mapping, Category Management development, and road mapping for 11 Latin American countries.

Co-Creation of customer service model strategy.

Strategic design + operating processes for the new 2014 store model.

“The partnership with Shoppermkt provided with us a more comprehensive view of retailing. We managed to become more assertive and efficient in productivity strategies used in our store network. Operating together allows us to be constantly in touch with best practices in the retail market, so as to meet, more and more, our customer expectations”. - Veronica C. Esteves and Fernanda C. B. Scheidt

Qualitative research using Point of Decision™ methodology, that gave a deep understanding of the shoppers and their path to purchase. A research full of actionable shopper insights.

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“Shopping is a way we search for ourselves and our place in the world.

Though often conducted in the most public of spaces, it’s essentially an intimate and personal experience – as we taste, touch, sift, consider, and talk our way through myriad possibilities.

Shopping involves searching not only externally, as in a store, but internally, through memory and desire.

It’s a vehicle for self-expression, self-definition, creativity, even healing – an interactive process in which we dialogue with people, places, things, and parts of ourselves” April Benson.

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By Bia Calvacante

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Shoppermkt Group

Bia Cavalcante

Founder and Director of ShopperMkt Group

Bia has over 15 years of experience in Category Management, Trade Marketing and Shopper Understanding. As an executive of two leading consumer goods organizations (Adams and Unilever), and now as a consultant, she has led major projects in these areas. She had the opportunity to give trainings to large companies in various countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. She is a professor at ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing), and has led the ECR Association committee for over 7 years. She has a degree in Business administration from PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica- SP), but has also studied at University of Utah, University of Salamanca, and FGV/ SP. Bia is a researcher with a Master’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing from the University of São Paulo. She has authored national and international articles about the shopping experience, store atmosphere, service quality, merchandising, assortment and category management. Bia is an expert in - and passionate about - all aspects involving the use of shopper knowledge into business strategies

Cesar Chamie

Director/ Owner of ShopperMkt Group

Cesar has over 18 years of experience in Marketing and Promotional Events, having worked for Bullet, McCann World Group and ABC Group, where he led projects such as: in store activation, incentives, conventions and major events. As a production director, he worked for clients such as Unilever, Kraft, GM, Nestlé, Sadia, J&J, Natura, Petrobras, Bradesco and Mastercard. During this period, he accumulated a vast experience in dynamic and promotional processes, logistic implementation, event organization and training. Cesar was responsible for projects such as :

• The union between Knorr and Cica
• The planning and the promotional Ipod execution of Kibon
• Bradesco's calendar of events
• Natura’s conventions
• The promotional “100 years calendar” of Lacta

Cesar has a degree in Economic Sciences and has expertise in marketing and people management. He has devoted his career to making big ideas possible and to executing them with excellence. Cesar has always stood out for being passionate about big challenges.

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